New Twitter Account

Today I just opened a Twitter account. I hope that this will become something big. So it you like this Blog follow me. I will have some interesting things from time to time.

Winning something from Travel with Rick

I have been watching this Vlog for a few year called Travel with Rick. It’s a fun videos because it’s all about traveling around Disney. Each time he does a video he will or the guest that he has with him will ask a “Question of the Week.” Then if you make a comment on the video he pick one comment and you win a prize. The question that I won with was “What is your favorite Disney color?” This was ask by his guest Rhino Ken. I answered Noseeam Green. Yes that is a color. What I won was a Adventure by Disney backpack.

It does pay to watch videos and comment on them. Then you can win cool swag!


How to Save for your Disney Vacation

Some people think that it’s expensive to go to Walt Disney World but that isn’t true. But that isn’t the case here. Your have already gotten past that point and made your booking. Now how are you going to pay for it. Well the way that I use is Making payments. If you go though Disney or one of those Disney agents you can make payments to your trip. All you have to do is put down $200 and have it paid off 45 days before you leave. Now that’s simple to do. BUT there are people like me that save up for these trips a head of time so it down without worry. That’s not all what I do. I have a lot of things that I do online that well make me some money and with that money I put away for my Disney Vacation. I have a regular income but I don’t use it for my trips. From all the shopping, watching videos and filling out surveys I make the money I need for my trips. That isn’t limited just my Disney part of the trip, but my Annual Pass plus Air Fares.
Writing here is only a faction of the sites I use to get money. There are tons out there some better than others. It’s just signing up and doing things though the site.
Another way some people do in saving for their trips is getting a something to throw money into like a jar or bottle. If you can take all the change and put in into your jar it can add up. A lot of people do this, but I do it to save up for spending money. Another way to go about it is do coupons and taking what they saved and throw it into their Disney fund.

How you decide to do your savings is up to you but there are ways that your can do it for nothing. here are some link’s to check out. And maybe your next trip will be paid for before you know it.

60 days before My Trip



In two months I’m going to going on a trip to Walt Disney World. I have the trip already paid for now it’s just putting together the things I want to take with me. Since the trip is over a week long I’m going to have to take the Big Suitcase. A couple years ago I had bought a 3 piece luggage set that has Mickey on it. The set includes a Large Suitcase, a 22 inch case, the type that can fit in the overhead bin, and a tote bag. I got for under $80. For Mickey Luggage that is a deal. I have used the smaller case for other trips and this trip will take the larger one. I have never used that big of a case before but with this trip there are more things that I normally take. So it’s time to make the “Check List” of things to pack.
I always make a list so I don’t forget anything. I hate getting somewhere and realizing that I forgot something is a big pain. So here is the “Check List.”

1. Clothes. T shirts, pants, undies and socks
2. Shoes I always bring a extra pair of shoes
3. Bathroom Stuff you know the big bottles that TSA wouldn’t let you carry on
4. Phone and charger
5. I pod and charger You always need your music to listen to so you don’t have to talk to the person next to you on the plane.
6. Camera and charger
7. Kindle and charger I like to read and I have a couple movies downloaded on it.
8. Laptop and all the goes with it. I need that because I write all the time. Hey I’m a Blogger and I like to keep a journal of my trips
9. Meds pack them in your carry on. You won’t get you suitcase for a few hours after your flight
10. Swimsuit there are two water parks and a nice pool at the resort
11. Sunscreen I’m going to Florida that goes in the checked bag unless you find a bottle that is 3 oz
12. Toothpaste and brush Never forget them because at the Gift Shop they are expensive
13. Shampoo and conditioner I like the type that is the bar form. You can buy it from a place called Basins White Shop
14. Other things that you need for the bathroom
15. Duffy He likes to travel with me but don’t put him in the check in bag
16. Snacks and other food that you can’t carry on
That is it for the things that you have to pack.

Now for the thing you don’t want to forget.
Boarding Pass I wait to print it out at the airport, but I always do Online check in 24 hours before.
Travel Booklet this has all your travel vouchers for the shuttle to the resort.
Annual Pass.
Credit Card
Now that you have the list of things that you need to pack now you have to go out and pick up things that you don’t have.

Having this list made 2 months before helps so when it’s crunch time you won’t be stressed out.


What’s it all about

Well it’s simple. It’s following the things that Walt Disney said and did. The most famous thing Walt said “Make you dreams come true.” There are a lot people out there that are All the Way Disney. People that have made their dreams come true. There are people out there that are Over the Top Disney in collecting things. Yes I’m one of them.

This page will tell things to Making the Dream come True and living a Disney Life.

Disney people are more happy people.

Welcome to Disney by the Book


Welcome to Disney by the Book. This is a place that people can learn how to live way of life.


I first got into Disney at the age of 12.  That is late to get into Disney but I have Non Disney parents. Now I’m in my 50′s and now getting back into living the Disney Way.

When I was 12 back in 1975 my dad, brother and I took our camper and drove to Long Beach where my uncle lived. Back then people had campers not RV’s. On this trip we went to Disneyland dad, my brother, my cousin and I. I don’t remember too much other then I did bought a big floppy hat that had Mickey on it. After that I didn’t make very many trips there growing up. I was the type of kid that every Sunday night at 7 pm watched “The Wonderful World of Disney.”

The next time I went to Disneyland was when I was 24. By then I had moved out of my parents house and started my own life. I was living in Seattle WA at the time when I had a boyfriend that lived in LA CA. I moved there for a spell. At that time I kept my Disney life a secret. Sometimes you do have to do that now days. Well one day we went to Disneyland. I don’t remember too much about that trip.


In 2007, I was living in Las Vegas NV and got to a point I could come out with my Disney Secret. I had gotten my live to a point that I could start traveling. I wanted to start my Disney Journey. So I always went to go to Walt Disney World but thought it was expensive to do it, but I was wrong. I went to the Disney’s web site and started looking at how much it would cost for a trip there. Once I saw that it was get this cheaper than going to Disneyland. I book my trip. Yes at the age of 37 I was going to Walt Disney World. Or what I like to call it Disneyland East. I like to call Disneyland the Homeland well because that is where it all started.


Then I did all the planning myself. When I got there I had a great time but I wished that I had done some searching. Since then I have made 3 trips there and will be making a trip there this year.


This page will help you in getting the best Disney Vacation. I will be having a lot of different things here. Not just all Disney stuff.